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flamingcapes asked: Para saan ang boyfriend? Para INTINDIHIN, MAHALIN at PAGKATIWALAAN ka. Baket mo naman naitanong TumGF?


avriegerman asked: Hi, I like your blog, check out mine? :) And if you have time, can you TA me and state your opinion about it? It will mean a lot coming from you. Thanks and stay awesome :>

haha thanks. suuuure . 

barack--obama-deactivated201203 asked: Thank you, Inse! I'm so happy that we're friends. Hihihi. Ly. <3 :D

You’re welcome Jenna ! <3 It’s my pleasure to be your friend ^_________^ loveyah too 

Anonymous asked: you should change your one sees it. it's so small and it's black :|||||||

suuure. sorry for the inconvenience because i changed my theme last night. thanks for saying. :))

hellofashionthings asked: who is sigin with this pretty voice?
check me out too

it’s Maddi Jane. :D


Anonymous asked: do u have any links where i can download ps cs3?

none. :C

Anonymous asked: Weirdest thing that has happened to you at school? ;]

 I think the weirdest thing that had happened to me at school was when our teacher asked us to write 3 weird things that other people don’t know about us without writing our names on that paper.. when we’re finished writing, our teacher read those things in front and when it’s my paper’s turn to be read aloud.. I remembered that i told one of my classmates that the first thing I wrote on my paper was.. “I’m a flying unicorn" then I accidentally threw a paper on my teacher [but it doesn’t hit her]  coz I was panicking that my classmate might know what’s the other secret that is so CONFIDENTIAL then tell it to ze WHOLE CLASS and I shouted "don’t read the second secret pleaaaaaaase!!" then my classmates laugh and also my teacher. Thanks God, I’m close with that teacher coz she’s the one I told some of my problems.. :D


alltimebacon-deactivated2011100 asked: St. Joseph's College. :)

ohh nice :D

krustyfab asked: i have alot of names! but use can use this: NAT/BLANCA (yah! pick one)

haha i want to use BLANCA. :D cool nameee! :D

alltimebacon-deactivated2011100 asked: Inse. :) Where do you study?

First City Providential College at San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines. how bout you?

alltimebacon-deactivated2011100 asked: Hey, Rinselle! :) I added you to my Tumblr family.

hihi. thank you.. :”>

alltimebacon-deactivated2011100 asked: HEY! My name is Eliz. :) What's yours?

woah cooooool name :D. Im Rinselle.

krustyfab asked: can I be your Tum-Grandma ? lols! para unique :) Thaanks!

hihi..!! sureeeee granny!! :D

undercoveredfaerie asked: Hello! :) I just want to ask who sung the Pricetag in your Tumblr? and what kind of dog is that in your post? :)

hihi. it’s maddi jane :D. 

ohh.. i forgot to ask my classmate.. surreh.

btw, it’s a gift from me. :) hihi. but i will tumblr ask you if i already know what kind of dog is dylan. :D

alltimebacon-deactivated2011100 asked: Can i be your Tumblr daughter? Thanks! >:D<

hihi. sureeee. the pleasure is miiine. :D